Desktop Exercise Software

Are you looking for desktop exercise software rather than online software?  

Pro Conditioning - Professional Rehabilitation package was our leading product up until 2013 when we launched  The product has the same base level functionality, exercise collection and exercise program layouts.  Initially, the most significant difference was the data was being stored and accessed on the web, rather than the local hard drive.

In recent years the divide of the web offering ( and the desktop offering (Pro Conditioning) has become more significant.   The user interface, exercise collection, exercise programming functionality, exercise program offering (PDF and online Client Portal), flexibility of access and price all lean towards to online offering.  We recommend trialling and using for these reasons.

Still want desktop software? Please email us and we will arrange this for you.

Pro Conditioning's - Professional Rehabilitation Package (v2.1)
. 980 exercises, including 235 rehabilitation exercises
. Complete ability to create new exercises & edit the current collection
. Create exercise programs in 15 different layouts, complete with your branding
. Create an unlimited number of clients & exercise programs
. Available in single user version only
. Single User License AU$390